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    Golf Tee Times in Austin, Texas

Wood Review: Yonex Super ADX

by John Kim

Yonex Super ADX Prior to entering a golf tournament a couple of years ago, I entered a golf shop and told a friend I wanted a titanium driver. We set up all the computer gadgets to test swing speed and ball flight and hit half a dozen drivers. None seemed to stand out to me at the time until he got to the very last one. He actually had saved the club for last for a reason. Upon swinging the Yonex driver, my swing speed increased almost 7 mph on average. I took it to the tournament and came in 2nd (read follow-up critiques on bad putters!) largely in part to how well I hit that driver - a club I still carry. This club has a nice look and feel to it, though I've been told by some touring pros that it's not the most durable club out there. Well, I still have my original and don't have any plans to find a new one anytime soon.

The Good: Excellent in terms of distance; fairly good in accuracy. Mine sets up with almost a closed face so draws are easier, though hooks and duck hooks sometimes are a bit too easy. When you hit it flush, it makes a distinctive crack which announces to the entire range or course that a serious player has hurt the ball.

The Bad: There are more forgiving clubs out there for mid to high handicappers. When I miss, I either duck hook or block it so far right, only Rush Limbaugh could find it. I have an 8.5 loft and still tend to hit the ball higher than I would like. I have heard rumors this club is not as durable as others, though I have had no problems with mine.

Overall: As serious as I take my golf, my driver has to instill total confidence in me in every regard. I have tried other clubs for various times, but always seem to come back to Old Faithful. A big thanks to my friend who talked me into buying the club.

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